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Parish Bulletin

Cross and Passion College

Cross and Passion College is a Catholic, comprehensive school, committed to providing opportunities to develop the unique talents of all pupils in a positive, challenging and caring learning environment.

Creating Opportunities        Promoting Talents        Caring for People


Cross and Passion College is quite a unique school with a long tradition of excellence and service to the community. It first opened in 1913 in Market Street and later moved to the present site on Moyle Road.  The school became co-educational in 1962.

During the 1970’s it was decided that the Cross and Passion Convent Grammar School should merge with the Star of the Sea Secondary School, forming one of the first all ability schools in Northern Ireland.

What makes Cross and Passion College special is that it is an inclusive school, one that welcomes children of all abilities and talents from every background.  We provide learning experiences, which will challenge all young people and have an approach to teaching and learning which offers opportunities for success for all pupils. 

We strive to create a learning environment, which is stimulating, ordered, motivating and enjoyable.  Parents are strongly encouraged to be active partners in the education of their children and there are numerous opportunities for them to become involved in the life of the school.

Cross and Passion College is a caring school in which children are respected and valued as individuals.  We aim to help them recognise their gifts and talents and provide them with a huge range of opportunities to have these nurtured and developed.

Our school focuses on the development of the whole person.  This is a Catholic school and we endeavour to promote a vibrant faith community with opportunities for the spiritual and moral development of each pupil.  We strive to make the Catholic Ethos of our school a reality in the day-to-day life of all members of the school community.


Cross and Passion College is a Catholic Comprehensive school and we are committed to creating a vibrant faith community and promoting the spiritual and moral development of all of our pupils. 

We create opportunities for our pupils to:

· Develop a strong set of Christian values which will carry them through their adult lives;

· develop a close personal relationship with God;

· develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of their Catholic faith;

· develop a sense of social justice;

· develop a sense of service to others.


· By endeavouring to create a school community where each individual feels valued,   worthwhile  and respected.

- By encouraging the members of the school community to witness the gospel values in all their actions and dealings with others.

- By providing opportunities for individual and community worship.

-By giving pupils the opportunity to be involved in a Religious Education programme at all key stages.

- By raising awareness of the needs of others and giving pupils the opportunity to support local and international charities.

- By giving our pupils the opportunity to be involved in voluntary work in the local community.

- By promoting active links with our local parishes.


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